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January 26, 2011

Table of Contents
Proven Pit and Lagoon Treatment
Honda HS-101V
Litmus Ammonia Indicators
Microbial Distribution Applicator
Ag Water Management

Welcome to the January issue of Pork Industry Express, produced by Penton Media and the sales team at National Hog Farmer. This issue features a variety of exciting new product and technology offerings. The following information is provided by advertisers. For more information about the products listed below, contact the companies or visit the company Web sites.
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The COMPOST-A-MAT is a new innovative way to improve pre-weaning mortality. Made from at least 50% corn stalks that are heated over 375°F providing a pig-pathogen-free mat for piglets to lie on. One mat is designed to provide laying room between two crates. The new lightweight, disposable mat is easier to manage than the heavy, labor-intensive rubber mat. Works absolutely great on scours!

Contact us at: or 320-363-7554

Proven Pit and Lagoon Treatment

Anaerobic and toxic conditions exist in all lagoons. BactZyme is an all-natural blend of microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients used to reduce odors and solids in lagoons by breaking down these anaerobic and toxic conditions.

For more information contact us at: 866-485-3855 or e-mail:

Click here to learn more about BactZyme

Honda HS-101V
Introducing the economical Honda HS-101V veterinary ultra-portable ultrasound scanner for swine. This powerful scanner is under 5 pounds. It comes with a 2-hour battery pack and shoulder strap. It runs linear, convex and rectal probes and has great image quality. Use the flash memory and USB port for easy image and data transfer to your computer.

Click here for more information.

Litmus Ammonia Indicators

Litmus FQI, LLC, announces the introduction of revolutionary indicators to measure average levels of ammonia in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). Litmus Ammonia Monitors (LAMS) function in a time-flexible format from 1-24 hours and provide average ammonia readings from 1-100 ppm. Each LAM has a colorimetric indicator which changes color from yellow to blue at specific rates to indicate the presence of ammonia. Use of the indicators requires no special training or expensive equipment to operate, and animals grown in lower ammonia environments are larger and healthier.

For more information, click here to learn more.

Microbial Distribution Applicator

Life Products, a division of The Vit-E-Men Co. Inc., developer and manufacturer of microbial feed additives since 1971, has received a U.S. patent for applying freeze-dried microorganisms to all livestock, poultry and aquatic feeds. Life Products’ research and development team continues perfecting the new patent-pending, microbial stabilization media and newly patented delivery technology. “These new methodologies will change the way the microbial industry conducts business with the livestock industry,” says company president Scott Watson. The patented technology uses state-of-the art communication, ensuring the customer has superior product delivery accountability. The growing recognition of profitability in using probiotics has farmers large and small highly motivated to include probiotics in their feeding programs. The new applicator and media allow the company to apply live, viable microbes in all diets.

For more information, contact Scott Watson, president at or (402) 379-0311.

Ag Water Management

Trimble has introduced the new AG GCS200 system for agricultural water management. The system is specifically designed for land leveling and drainage applications. It works in conjunction with a laser transmitter to provide automatic machine control of implements such as scrapers and drainage machines, helping farmers to manage water on their fields regardless of crop type or water requirements. The system works with implements with PT valves and can use either dual rigid mast control or single electric mast control. The LP410 laser receiver and the new CB60 control box provide a digital elevation display that can be used in both survey and control modes.

Contact a local dealer at for more information.

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