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March 23, 2011

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Multi-Purpose Mats To Help Scouring Piglets & Provide Feedback To Sows Prefarrow
Sludge Away With Tomco
ParaSail® by Newport Laboratories
Swine Management Services, LLC
The New Product Tour Celebrates Its 30th Year!

Welcome to the March issue of Pork Industry Express, produced by Penton Media and the sales team at National Hog Farmer. This issue features a variety of exciting new product and technology offerings. The following information is provided by advertisers. For more information about the products listed below, contact the companies or visit the company Web sites.
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Multi-Purpose Mats To Help Scouring Piglets & Provide Feedback To Sows Prefarrow

How can Compost-A-Mats clear up scouring litters?
  • Upon identifying scouring piglets, place a Compost-A-Mat directly under a heat lamp in the farrowing crate.
  • This will create a clean and warm area for piglets to dry up and help overall farrowing house performance.
  • The Compost-A-Mat should remain in the crate for seven days or until piglets have stopped scouring.
  • At this point, the Compost-A-Mat will contain fecal material and can be broken down for feedback.

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Sludge Away With Tomco
A Live Bacteria designed to break up crusting caused by DDGs and will digest fly larvae. It will also digest solid build-up from pits and makes for easier pumping. Will reduce hydrogen sulfide ammonia and regular manure odors. Graduate to a much better solution for sludge and odor problems. It's guaranteed!

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ParaSail® by Newport Laboratories
Newport Laboratories is excited to offer ParaSail®, the swine industry's first avirulent live, single-dose vaccine for Haemophilus parasuis.

Available exclusively through veterinarians, ParaSail® is backed by more than five years of research and development. In field safety studies conducted at three independent farms, pigs vaccinated with ParaSail were free from adverse reactions 99.345% of the time.

The USDA has approved ParaSail for use as a single-dose product in pigs 21 days of age or over, with a 1mL intramuscular dose size.

H. parasuis continues to become more and more prevalent in U.S. swine herds. The most recent report from the USDA National Animal Health Monitoring System (NAHMS) revealed that the incidence of H. parasuis is on the rise, with a 230% increase in nursery pig incidence and a 340% increase in grower/finisher pig incidence from 2000 to 2006.

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Swine Management Services, LLC

• Swine Smart Farm Benchmarking
• Swine Smart Farm In-depth Analysis
• Farm consulting and training
• Classroom employee training
• Financial analysis and benchmarking
• Business plan and cash flow development
• Production and financial data processing
• TQA and PQA Plus certification and site assessment

For more information contact us at: or call (402) 727-6600.

The New Product Tour Celebrates Its 30th Year!

National Hog Farmer is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its ever-popular New Product Tour at the 2011 World Pork Expo, June 8-10 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Each year, we ask exhibitors to nominate new products and services introduced to the pork industry since the previous year’s expo. A preview of the new product nominations will be published in a special section of the May 15 edition of National Hog Farmer, including contact information to obtain more information about the products. If you plan to attend World Pork Expo, be sure to stop by the National Hog Farmer booth in the Varied Industries building to cast your vote for the “Producer’s Choice” award. A full report of the panel’s picks will be featured in the July 15 edition of National Hog Farmer.

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