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July 27, 2011

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Multi-Purpose Mats To Help Scouring Piglets & Provide Feedback To Sows Prefarrow
Swine Management Services, LLC
Respiratory disease spreads fast.

Multi-Purpose Mats To Help Scouring Piglets & Provide Feedback To Sows Prefarrow

How can Compost-A-Mats clear up scouring litters?
  • Upon identifying scouring piglets, place a Compost-A-Mat directly under a heat lamp in the farrowing crate.
  • This will create a clean and warm area for piglets to dry up and help overall farrowing house performance.
  • The Compost-A-Mat should remain in the crate for seven days or until piglets have stopped scouring.
  • At this point, the Compost-A-Mat will contain fecal material and can be broken down for feedback.

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Swine Management Services, LLC

• Swine Smart Farm Benchmarking
• Swine Smart Farm In-depth Analysis
• Farm consulting and training
• Classroom employee training
• Financial analysis and benchmarking
• Business plan and cash flow development
• Production and financial data processing
• TQA and PQA Plus certification and site assessment

For more information contact us at: or call (402) 727-6600.

Respiratory disease spreads fast.

So treat it immediately with Baytril® 100 (enrofloxacin) Injectable Solution, the first fluoroquinolone approved for use in swine.

For use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. Extra-label use in food-producing animals is prohibited. A five-day slaughter withdrawal is required in swine.

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EUTHANEX® is an automated CO2 system that allows piglets to be humanely euthanized while saving time and money. EUTHANEX® is equipped with SMARTBOX™ technology calibrated to deliver a controlled input of CO2 to the euthanasia chamber to minimize stress on the animals during the euthanasia process. Humane piglet euthanasia is a matter of PRESSING A BUTTON AND WALKING AWAY. This technology humanely, safely and economically addresses an industry-wide issue.

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Call 641-423-1918 / 314-330-5278 or email

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