Daily News For August 25, 2011

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Today's Daily News

Analyst: 'Apple Will Do Just Fine' in Wake of Jobs's Resignation
Company 'is an execution monster.' Click to continue

Chrysler Offers $72-Million Investment for Machining Plant
The automaker indicates it is prepared to install new machinery and tooling at its Toledo Machining Plant, to produce front-wheel and rear-wheel drive torque converters and steering columns. The investment is contingent on a package of incentives from the State of Ohio, still being negotiated Click to continue

Capital Equipment Leasing Up but Softening
The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association said overall new business volume for July was $5.7 billion, up 2% from volume of $5.6 billion in the same period in 2010. Click to continue

Incivility in the Workplace Has Widespread Effects
The stress that results from rude, hostile or otherwise unfriendly interactions between coworkers can seep into an employee’s personal life and affect his or her relationships outside of the workplace, according to a Baylor University study. Stressed-out workers even can 'infect' their spouses, who in turn may take that stress into their own workplaces. Click to continue

The Customer Aggravation Index: Predicting Customer Loyalty Without Surveys
It is vitally important for an organization to measure customer satisfaction and to try to predict customer loyalty. It is also important to detect even minor dissatisfaction levels so something can be done to improve the relationship and keep the customer. Click to continue

Fites Led With Midwestern Values, Global Perspective
Five questions with Manufacturing Hall of Fame inductee and former Caterpillar CEO Don Fites. Click to continue

GE Joint Venture Will Provide Electricity to Chinese Consumers
Joint venture will use GE's aeroderivative technology, which burns natural gas or biofuels to produce energy. Click to continue

U.S. Needs to Stop 'Sitting on its Hands' in Manufacturing Sector Says Sen. Feinstein
Senator proposes manufacturing loan program to create jobs. Click to continue

Material Flows Blog

Join MH&L's editors as they examine and discuss current and future trends in material handling and logistics. Whether it's a look at the latest in warehousing technology, a thoughtful analysis of pending government legislation, or a humorous take on management snafus, the Material Flows blog is a free-spirited, open conversation between MH&L staff and the material handling and logistics community.

Are Most of Your Employees Thinking of Quitting?
"...many employees are tired of feeling exploited..." Click to continue

Don't Try This at Work
"Early in Bruce's career, long before YouTube started publicizing the stupid things people managed to do with lift trucks, he found out about what some of the warehouse employees of one carpet company client were doing with their rug-ram attachments..." Click to continue

Learning to Think Requires Thinking to Learn
"Why can't the supply chain professionals in the food and pharma supply chains get their acts together and find a way to keep tainted products from reaching the marketplace?..." Click to continue

See these and other discussions at blog.mhlnews.com/material_flows.

Product Spotlight, Courtesy of NewEquipment.com

Integrated Servomotor Actuator
Tolomatic's new, larger version of its integrated-motor rod-style actuator is capable of delivering up to 3,000 pounds of force with a standard ball screw. The Tolomatic IMA55 actuator is the largest and most powerful integrated-motor rod-style actuator the company makes and delivers increased dynamic performance and longer service life compared to traditional rod-style actuators. The IMA55 actuator’s unique integrated motor design is well suited for applications such as pressing, clamping, valve control, spot welding and volumetric filling. The IMA55 actuator features a hollow-core rotor design that allows the nut of the screw to pass inside the rotor, creating a very compact package. This can decrease overall actuator length by as much as 18 inches compared to standard actuators due to the elimination of a separate motor, motor mount and gearbox. Click to continue

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