Daily News For April 9, 2012

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Today's Daily News

China Sets Up Rare-Earths Group to Boost Sector, Assuage Trading Partners' Anger
The United States, the European Union and Japan last month lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organization, saying China is choking off exports of rare earths to unfairly benefit domestic industries. Click to continue

Polaris Now Expanding Plant Once Marked for Shutdown
A Wisconsin motorcycle engine plant will add new product development and testing capabilities, as the company's acquisitions alters its strategic plan. Click to continue

Support for Material Handling Equipment Makers' Confidence
Consumer and investor confidence continue to improve as do unemployment, industrial production activity and factory operating rates (utilization). All are favorably impacting material handling equipment manufacturing. Click to continue

Flex Time Can Save Money for Both Companies and Employees
Mobile phone and broadband provider O2 found that 88% of the employees who worked from home thought that they were at least as productive as normal and 36% said that they were more productive. Click to continue

From Negativity to Productivity: The Power of Motivation
Disengagement and cynicism are widespread in today's post-recession business world. Many organizations that were forced to reduce their work forces and cut pay and benefits now are confronted with the negative legacy of those difficult actions. Employee motivation -- or lack thereof -- plays a big role in that legacy. Click to continue

Toyota To Hire 150 Engineers at Michigan R&D Tech Center in 2012
Company will add another 100 jobs over the next five years to further advance engine and transmission development for the North American market. Click to continue

The 5 Habits of a Smart Talent Manager
When it comes to recognizing, deploying, and rewarding talent, get out and talk to workers. Click to continue

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How Scientifically Literate Are You?
"There is a seemingly endless stream of articles and reports that says we Americans need to upgrade our scientific understanding..." Click to continue

Regulatory Reform
"But before we look at the effect of these regulations on the free market, we should begin with a quote from the White House..." Click to continue

Wind Power Gives Some the 'Green Energy Blues'
"Some Canadians aren't happy about the result of wind power subsidies in their nation..." Click to continue

Hero of the Month
"The decision and language supports keeping the fed funds rate at an exceptionally low 0 to 1/4% through late 2014..." Click to continue

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Product Spotlight, Courtesy of NewEquipment.com

Dell OptiPlex XE PC
Dell industrial PCs are made for challenging environments and can be customized to include your special hardware or software without adding extra touches to your process. Many of our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers told us that they wanted to use the Dell global support infrastructure and global supply chain. But to do so, those customers needed a product that could replace an expensive industrial PC. The OptiPlex XE is designed for customers who require a PC that can stand up to hot, wet, dusty environments, and that comes with a longer life cycle. Click to continue

Manufacturing Roundup

Why Service Is Critical To Growing Your Revenue
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