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Today's Daily News

Ford Recognized With EPA Climate Leadership Award
Ford Motor Co. has been recognized with a Goal-Setting Certificate at the inaugural EPA Climate Leadership awards ceremony and conference for its global CO2 strategy, which includes a goal of 30% per vehicle reduction in manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 to 2025. Click to continue

Manufacturers Predict Higher Sales, Investment and Employment
NAM/IndustryWeek Q1 Survey show that despite growing optimism, majority concerned about the business environment and rising energy and raw material costs. Click to continue

Pump Solutions Completes Maag Takeover
Dover Corp.'s Pump Solutions Group acquired the Maag Group for a $285 million, expanding its global portfolio of companies manufacturing fluid-handling components. Click to continue

North America is Fastest Growing Market for Biolubricants
Growth in Europe, North America driven primarily by environmental concerns. Click to continue

Caterpillar Expansion Will Triple Facility Footprint in South Carolina
The $20 million investment will createmore than 80 new jobs over two years. Click to continue

North American Conveyor Shipments Break Record in 2011
The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association reports that 2011 shipments in North America were up 28%. CEMA estimates that shipments totaled $8.502 billion for 2011, an increase of $1.86 billion from 2010 shipments of $6.642 billion. Click to continue

Indonesia Market Growing for Honda -- Opens Second Auto Plant
Around 2,000 jobs will be created at the factory near Jakarta, which will have an annual production capacity of 120,000 vehicles, tripling Honda's current car output in the country. Click to continue

Material Flows Blog

Join MH&L's editors as they examine and discuss current and future trends in material handling and logistics. Whether it's a look at the latest in warehousing technology, a thoughtful analysis of pending government legislation, or a humorous take on management snafus, the Material Flows blog is a free-spirited, open conversation between MH&L staff and the material handling and logistics community.

The Dangers of GE's "Go-Deep" Talent Strategy
"Sure, they may get more sales if customers believe GE is staffed by subject-matter sages, but without the talent for eyeing the wide business horizon, any business battle ship is in danger of hitting uncharted rocks—then really going deep..." Click to continue

Escape Business's Bermuda Triangle
"Competition between companies is out. Supply chain vs. supply chain is the ticket to viability..." Click to continue

Rumors of Maturity's Demise Greatly Exaggerated
"This report cites examples of technology birth announcements and obits that were written long ago..." Click to continue

See these and other discussions at blog.mhlnews.com/material_flows.

Product Spotlight, Courtesy of NewEquipment.com

Potentiometer Switch Assembly
Electro-Mech's new SW44832 potentiometer switch assembly offers both rotary and push-on functionality for maximum operation control. The compact all-in-one unit saves valuable panel space in applications where there are tight design limitations. The SPST switch enables the user to specify a value so that at the push of a button, the circuit or channel automatically opens at the preset level. Featuring an edgelit button (optional) and a momentary snap-click pushbutton switch, the SW44832 also features a 10K W resistance potentiometer module. Typical applications for the SW44832 switch include industrial/avionics displays and audio controls, instrument panel controls, and other high-density panels. Previous models were only available using EMC's slide bar switch actuation design. The SW44832 also features front facing PC pins for easier interface to the PC Board in the next higher assembly. Click to continue

Manufacturing Webinar

How Does 'Just For Men' Use What-If Analysis to Cope With Volatility?
Product life cycles are getting shorter and supply chain lead times are longer, plus the number of products you make is always increasing. Find out how Sales & Operations Planning helps companies cope with rising demand and supply volatility, and how your company can benefit by moving beyond a single plan. During this free IndustryWeek webinar on Mar. 29, you'll hear from S&OP legend Dick Ling, as well as Combe Incorporated, makers of Just For Men hair coloring and several other brands of personal care products. Register now!

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