Daily News For March 16, 2012

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Today's Daily News

New York Manufacturing Outlook Positive
Price paid index spikes upward in Federal Reserve survey. Click to continue

United Technologies to Raise $3 Billion in Sell-Off
Portfolio reevaluation will emphasize aerospace assets and help to finance Goodrich acquisition Click to continue

Chesapeake Energy to Build Processing Facility in Ohio's Utica Shale Region
Natural gas producer into partnership to construct midstream services complex in eastern Ohio. Click to continue

Shell Selects Pennsylvania for Proposed Ethylene Plant
Ohio and West Virginia lose out on multibillion-dollar plant. Click to continue

Importers Ordering More, Restocking Shelves
According to the quarterly Global Retail Manufacturers and Importers Survey, 43.2% of respondents believe that the 2012 spring season will be stronger than 2011, and 40% believe that the 2012 summer season will surpass last year's sales. Fears seem to be declining, as an additional 40% of respondents believe that the spring and summer retail seasons will be at least as robust as last year's. Click to continue

Historically Low Number of Workplace Deaths in Washington State
The 2011 report noted that fewer workers in the agriculture, forestry, fishing and manufacturing industries died on the job. Click to continue

Advanced Manufacturing Helps Pittsburgh Economy Grow
286 economic development deals attracted $1.5 billion in capital investment and will create 17,000 jobs Click to continue

How General Cable Lincoln is Developing its Next Generation of Skilled Manufacturing Workers
Plant leaders came up with an interview process designed to find workers who are safety-oriented, computer-savvy, mechanically inclined and at least high-school-educated. Click to continue

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Did You Hear the One about the Suffering of the Middle Class?
"The noteworthy findings that they fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Median income and consumption in the U.S. has risen over 50% since 1980, well above the normally reported 16%...." Click to continue

Audi A3, Chevrolet Equinox Make Biggest Strides in Fuel Efficiency
"The 2008 spike in gas prices served as a wakeup call for manufacturers..." Click to continue

Corporate Boards Still Not Paying Attention to Cyber Risk
"Lack of personnel is a concern..." Click to continue

An Amazing Manufacturing Supply Chain Accomplishment
"China puts up a 30-story hotel in 2 weeks..." Click to continue

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Product Spotlight, Courtesy of NewEquipment.com

Pneumatic Palletizer
The new PalletPal 360 Air level loader from Southworth Products allows operators to build or break down pallet loads with a minimum of bending, reaching, stretching, or walking around. The unit automatically adjusts the height of pallets as boxes are added or removed. Height adjustment is achieved by a heavy-duty reinforced rubber air bag that maintains the top layer of stacked containers at a convenient height. The PalletPal 360 Air can accommodate loads from 400 to 4,500 lbs. And the unit’s turntable ring (or optional turntable platform) allows the user to effortlessly rotate the load so he or she can stand in the same spot throughout the loading or unloading process. Unlike most competitive models, all of the unit's components are contained within the diameter of the turntable ring so users can step closer, allowing full 360º access. This makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer, and easier, virtually eliminating lifting and the other productivity-robbing, injury-producing movements common to pallet-loading applications. Click to continue

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Does Your Manufacturing Plant Excel?
Is your facility an example of operational excellence? Do your manufacturing practices drive stellar performances? If yes, then enter your plant in IndustryWeek's 2012 Best Plants competition. Applications are now available for this annual salute to outstanding manufacturing facilities in North America. The IW Best Plants program recognizes manufacturing facilities that are on the leading edge of efforts to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and create stimulating and rewarding work environments. Don't delay. Download an application today! The deadline to return completed applications is May 10. Click to continue

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