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Today's Daily News

GE Harnesses Nanotechnology, Nature to Help Save Airlines Cash
Lotus leaf-inspired nanotextured design leads to new anti-icing surfaces for aircraft wings and wind turbines. Click to continue

Lockheed Wins $715 Million on Navy Contract
The defense contractor is leading a consortium that has a new, $715 million contract modification for construction of two Littoral Combat Ships, specifically, the third and fourth ships in a series of 10 awarded to the Lockheed team in December 2010. Lockheed is one of two teams building a total of 20 ships. Click to continue

Your Incentive Program Might Be Illegal!
While many employers want to reward workers for safe behavior, there's a thin line between appropriate recognition and providing a disincentive to employees for reporting injuries. Companies that cross that line could be violating the law, according to a new memo sent to OSHA regional administrators and whistleblower program managers from Deputy Assistant Secretary Richard Fairfax. Click to continue

2012 Shipments and Shippers to U.S. Down
February monthly data report states that the number of waterborne shipments coming into the U.S. experienced a 20% month-over-month decline from January to February. Also the number of global manufacturers shipping to the U.S. also went down — 12% — from January to February. Click to continue

Siemens to Build Manufacturing Facility in Saudi Arabia
Siemens Energy will manufacture gas turbines, compressors and heat recovery steam generators at the facility located in Dammam Industrial City. Click to continue

Being Happy at Work is Nice, But Thriving is Better and More Productive
Employees who thrive have a 16% better overall job performance and a 125% less burnout than their peers. Click to continue

Big Fat Finance Blog

Visit the bigfatfinanceblog.com. Updated daily by members of the Business Finance Expert Network, The Big Fat Finance Blog is intended to arm finance professionals with innovative ideas and best practices that help finance organizations create value.

A Poorly Managed Company's Tour Guide
"Mesdup is clueless as to what key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor as feedback for how it is performing..." Click to continue

The Verdict is in: Innovative Management Wins
"Statoil's innovative finance organization has eliminated budgets in support of their approach to strategic management..." Click to continue

Private Clouds in Four Steps for C-Level Executives
"Best of all for C-level executives, they promise a level of control and security not available in the public cloud..." Click to continue

Participate in these and other discussions at bigfatfinanceblog.com.

Product Spotlight, Courtesy of NewEquipment.com

Welding Pedestal System
All the benefits of the C300 robotic system now available in a stationary pedestal system. The 100% servo driven, water-cooled system has an adjustable gun height, intuitive user interface and does not require compressed air. The gun can be disassembled from the frame then converted for use on a robot making it a completely versatile system. You still get the same great benefits of all DeltaSpot systems such as 100% reproducible welds, highest efficiency, expulsion free spot welding and no tip dressing at any time . Click to continue

More Manufacturing Information

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