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April 30, 2008

The Race To Capture The Rebate

Good news if you're hoping taxpayers will spend part of their upcoming $600-per-person windfall in your restaurant. That's what they did the last time the federal government passed out rebates. To make sure you get your share this time around, you may want to adopt some of the practices followed in Alaska, where every citizen gets a rebate-like Permanent Fund dividend check every year. Restaurants and other businesses there are past masters at dealing with a customer base newly flush with a one-shot cash bonanza. It's a skill you need right now.
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Time Is Money At Chipotle

We don't have any soothing words to make you feel better about a period in which rising food and energy prices drive up your operating costs while simultaneously making your customers less able to afford eating out. So let's take a break from the doom and gloom and look instead at fast casual juggernaut Chipotle's attempt to solve a happier problem: Lines so long they turn customers off. The possible solution: Handheld point-of-sale (POS) systems the company is now testing in 50 units. Can tech gear like this really improve throughput at busy restaurants?
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Food & Flicks: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Listen Now to Beth Kimmerle, who wrote, Chocolate the Sweet History, offer up some terrific chocolate drink recipes as she discusses this 1971 candy classic with Gail Bellamy, RH Executive Food Editor.

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