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May 30, 2008

Dems To Industry: Go Green Or Else

The National Restaurant Association’s newly launched “Conserve: Solutions for Sustainability” initiative is good stuff, but operators will have to embrace its dictates and more in a big hurry if they want to get the catering contract at this year’s Democratic National Convention. A peek at the Denver 2008 Convention Planning Committee’s RFP for a Catering Vendor spells out hyper-rigid “green” standards that could become the model for big events everywhere. One example: the Democrats want servers to walk, bike, carpool or take the bus to and from any event they work. No single occupancy vehicles!
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You're Kidding. The After-Party Is At Denny's?

They’re going for the grand slam of miracles at Denny’s, hoping to make the aging family dining chain hipper, more relevant and more profitable while spending next to nothing on marketing. How? The always-open chain is rebranding its late-night daypart to better embrace alternative rock bands, hoping their legions of twentysomething fans will come along for the ride. Denny’s c.e.o. Nelson Marchioli thinks he can boost late-night business by five percent—that’s $24 million annually chain-wide.
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Food & Flicks: Eat, Drink, Man, Woman

Listen Now to celebrity chef and cookbook author Sara Moulton who offers an Asian recipe from her cookbook, Sara Moulton Cooks at Home, as she discusses this 1994 food movie with Restaurant Hospitality magazine executive food editor, Gail Bellamy. Click here for Related Movie Recipes.

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