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September 15, 2008

He Liked The Machine So Much He Bought The Company

You may or may not want to emulate the new breakfast offerings from Starbucks—six “healthy” breakfast options, each carefully configured for takeout portability. But you definitely want to try the product produced by one of its $11,000 Clover 1s coffeemakers, which brew regular coffee—not espresso—a single cup at a time. Starbucks tested a few of these machines and then quickly bought the company that manufacturers them. Starbucks won’t sell one to you, but some of the 250 pre-Starbucks Clovers are floating around in the aftermarket. If you see one, buy it.
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A Verdict In The Case Of The Tainted Tomatoes: Not Guilty

It ended not with a bang but a whimper—“it” being the summer-long salmonella outbreak first thought to be caused by certain types of raw red tomatoes, later attributed to tainted jalapeno and serrano peppers grown in Mexico. The final score: 1,440 people became sick, $100 million in sales were lost by the U.S. tomato industry, Mexico’s health officials said U.S. investigators still had it all wrong, and U.S. restaurant operators wound up taking extensive precautions that did nothing to protect either their customers or themselves. So how should you react to the next food safety directive that comes down from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
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