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November 14, 2008


The restaurant industry may be struggling, but investors are still pouring money into one allied niche: the restaurant-cum-movie-theater concept. This one-stop evening out idea isn’t brand new, but operators are taking it upscale now that they’ve figured out how better food and sexier beverage programs can drive new revenue. The latest take comes from Village Roadshow, whose in-theater wine list rivals those of many fine-dining locations. Sound like a good idea? There’s even a dinner-and-a-movie consultant who can help you get into this segment.
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Grudgingly, we have to tip our hat to Yelp, the user-driven review site that has figured out a clever way to leverage the Web 2.0 social networking phenomenon. One facet of the business plan for this 15-million-unique-visitors-a-month site: post any and all restaurant reviews, then offer restaurant owners a way, for a fee, to get rid of the negative ones, or at least move them so far down the page that no potential patron is likely to ever read them. Some operators see Yelp as a valuable service that can really bring in new customers; others smell a shakedown.
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