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February 27, 2009

Why a Megabuck Promotion Could Hit the Jackpot for You

We know people are hurting for money in this sagging economy. So why not run a promotion giving them a chance to win some cash from you? How big of a prize are we talking about, and where would you get the money to pay off a winner? The handful of restaurants that offer these contests rely on outside providers to come up with an appropriate dollar figure while also assuming the risk of paying the prize. The format is a proven revenue producer for organizations that use it wisely, with sports-themed promotional contests being the norm. Why not give it a try in your restaurant, maybe even tying it to a food-related event like the Top Chef finale or the James Beard Awards?
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Restaurant World Tests for the Wisdom of Crowds

It seems crazy for a huge casual dining chain like T.G.I. Friday’s to hand over parts of its menu development effort to a group of unknown, unseen amateur cooks. But it must work, because they’ve done it twice, having unveiled this year’s roster of “Ultimate” new food and drink items on its menu this month. It’s the restaurant version of crowdsourcing—an online open call to anyone and everyone to submit solutions to your business problem. Now other wanabee operators are trying to crowdsource entire new restaurant concepts by relying on the anonymous submissions of others. When it works, crowdsourcing is cheap, easy and effective. Could parts of this strategy work for a restaurant like yours?
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Restaurant Hospitality is taking its Concepts of Tomorrow Conference to San Francisco this September 13-15. Waiting there will be some of the greatest minds in the business including Rich Melman, Larry Mindel, Andrew Freeman, Michael Dellar, David O’Malley and more! Be on the lookout for full agenda details at and start planning your trip today!

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