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  February 9, 2012


Welding Process Designer Flying High with Direct Manufacturing
A company that develops advanced welding systems is taking a role in the defense supply chain to optimize production and repair of critical parts. The U.S. Dept. of Defense referred to Electron Beam Direct Manufacturing process as a “game changer” for aerospace manufacturing.
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Retrofit Control for Cutting Gantries
The Vision 51R Control for retrofitting plasma or oxy-fuel cutting and marking systems combines solid-state PC-based control for reliability with the Windows CE operating system for stability. The developer described it as “an easy-to-use, highly functional control which can be used to control up to four process tools carrying a variety of cutting and marking processes."
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Evaluating Air-Extraction Effectiveness
The technical understanding of the effects and liabilities associated with welding fumes continues to expand, and a new simulator program allows manufacturers and welding operators to visualize the background concentration of welding fumes in their plants.
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Lincoln to Expand Manufacturing Operation
Lincoln Electric is planning a $40-million renovation at its headquarters operation in Cleveland to incorporate and expand the production activities of Techalloy, the manufacturer of nickel-alloy and stainless steel welding wire it purchased last July. Currently, the Techalloy products are manufactured in Baltimore.
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Mechanized TIG Welding Station for Joining Similar and Dissimilar Materials
Large turbine rotor manufacturing presents a challenge for efficient welding, but a novel and effective method was developed based on the ability to join smaller components into a single design.
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